If you’re interested in bringing a new feline buddy into your family, remember to consider a few factors. Be sure to meet the little guy, and research the breeds personality traits and quirks so that you’re prepared for this new responsibility. Start by interviewing a Fort Collins veterinarian as you enter the process of purchasing a new pet. Countryside Animal Hospital is excited to help you welcome your new family member into your home and get them up to par with their health care. With that being said, there’s a litany of exciting breeds that you can choose from as far as new kitty breeds.


These cats have a wild look with a characteristic long, slender body and large tufted ears. They’re an extremely beautiful cat, with a statuesque body that can weigh anywhere from 15 pounds to 25 pounds. The male cat is going to be considerably larger than the female- around 10 pounds, unlike most domesticated cats. They have wild cat blood and are fashioned after the sort of cats that Egyptians used to use as royal pets and for worship. In fact, the ancestors of this breed have been mummified with pharaohs and their remains can be found mostly still intact. Because of the strange breeding required to produce the breed, male Chausies are often not fertile. They are playful, excellent jumpers, and very mischievous. It’s important to keep them occupied, so upon purchasing the new kitten, consider investing in a few puzzle toys that will keep your cat’s mind active while you’re away to keep the kitty out of trouble.  

Cheetoh Cat

This cat is domesticated but has bloodlines from the Asian Leopard which is what produces its distinctive, cheetah-like spots. With the high-shouldered walk you won’t find in most domesticated cats, your cat will look as playful as it really is. Their fur is similar to the nature of jungle cat fur on purpose; it’s thick and short, yet soft. It’s a larger cat, but is extremely social and docile, in fact, one might describe them as a lap cat. You’ll find these cats make great companions for children as they’re not aggressive or aloof. They are a very maternal breed and are therefore very good living with other pets as they’re patient and loving. Generally, when these are bred they grow to be much larger than the parents, much like a Liger. Which means, at this point they’re averaging at around 15 to 25 pounds, but that could change since they are highly experimental. If you’re concerned about the health risks and care conditions of this cat, be sure to access our Fort Collins veterinarian services where we’re happy to help you prepare for having a larger, more unusual pet.


As one of the more expensive breeds on this list, they’re one of the most interesting. Their existence was completely accidental,as it occurred when a bobcat accidentally bred with a barn cat. The unfortunate part about that is they are actually the size of a wildcat and can be somewhat unruly since theirs is not second, or third generation wildcat blood like most domesticated versions of wild cats can be. They’re about as large as the Cheetoh Cat or Chausie weighing in at about 25 pounds for the males, the females are a much more manageable 8 to 12 pounds. When trained properly, like most wildcat blooded felines, they have a dog like personality. These particular cats are noticeably mischievous, but they are fiercely loyal and adapt well to children, but not as well to other pets since they do have some jealous behavior. A kitten Pixiebob rings in at around $600 to $800 unlike the comparably sized Chausie and Cheetoh which are closer to $400 for a cat like this.

Upon purchasing one of these unique cats, give your Fort Collins Countryside Animal Hospital a call! We’d be excited to help you establish training rules, health plans, and discuss the overall care of your new addition. We offer lab work and many other services to keep your cat in top shape so you can continue to enjoy their company for many years to come. If you’re interested in other fascinating breeds, be sure to check out the other blogs in this series here and here.  Contact us today to set up your appointment!