If you find wild cats to be beautiful or pride yourself on having a very unusual pet, take a look at our compiled list of interesting house cats. Cat breeds have recently gotten much more interesting, especially with new breeding technology. Because of this innovation, you can now find house cats with wildcat blood in their veins, which is perfect for everyone who owned a bobcat stuffed animal when they were a kid. Remember, once you purchase your new cat, you should bring them to your Countryside Animal Hospital in Fort Collins to ensure their health is in top shape.

Scottish Fold

This breed of cat, while not exactly exotic, is certainly unique. You can identify them by their distinctive folded ear and their chunkier body type. Their origin can be traced back to a cat owned by a barkeep in Scotland who passed on the dominant gene a folded ear. You’ll see them appear in two types, the Highland Fold and traditional Scottish Fold, the only difference being that the Highland Fold possesses longer hair. This cat is highly intelligent, and fairly active. You’ll find the Scottish Fold to be a generally needy kitty. Their happiness relies quite a bit on a lot of human interaction, rendering them a great family cat. Health issues to be aware of for hybrid animals, such as a Scottish Fold, would be degenerative joint disease and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, or a form of heart disease. When your new Scottish Fold comes to the vet hospital regularly, you’ll be able to easily prevent the ill-effects of these potential health issues


Their name comes from the Greek term for wolf, and this is because their appearance closely resembles portions of the Hollywood version of a werewolf. Their hair is black, straight, somewhat shaggy and sparse. They lack hair around the mouth, eyes and nose. Despite their hairlessness, they have no genes related to the hairless Sphynx breed. The strangest part about this breed is the reports of them acting like dogs. They’re supposedly much friendlier and affectionate than the average cat, as well as loyal, with a strong drive for prey. They’re a brand new breed, which has developed some controversy as to if breeders should be putting another cat on the market. Many cats are still being euthanized in shelters because of over-population. Since these cats are made to look slightly unsettling, there is speculation if that will enhance this breeds abandonment rate, since common black cats still hold a similar stigma.

Next time we’ll cover the unusual, imperial breeds of the Japanese Bobtail and Savannah. If you purchase one of these interesting breeds, come to Countryside Animal Hospital in Fort Collins for all of your veterinary needs. We’re available for spading, lab work, and general check-ups. Be sure to look at our most recent article supporting the CSU veterinary program where quite a few of our doctors received their degree from the nationally ranking program. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our services and more.