1. Ingredients In Dog Food To Avoid

    The right type of dog food plays a big part in your ability to help keep your furry friend healthy. With so many brands and types of dog food out there, it’s hard to know which one is the right fit for your pet. If you’re a Fort Collins native, then you know how important all natural food is for our bodies, and the same goes for our pets. While factors like breed, activity level, age and healt…Read More

  2. Steps To Follow If You Suspect Animal Abuse

    It’s not a soft subject, but it happens more frequently than we’d all like to acknowledge: animal abuse. Animal abuse doesn’t single out any specific animal, and it doesn’t come down to one form of abuse. From physical to emotional, all forms of animal abuse will come down to a form of neglect. As a resident of Fort Collins, you know how low temperatures can drop during the winter, and unf…Read More

  3. Does Your Pet Have Allergies?

    Very few pet owners are aware of the fact that their pets could be suffering from allergies. Common symptoms like sneezing and itching can get overlooked as common puppy dandruff or a common cold. While excessive scratching isn’t the only sign of an allergy, it is the most common. Here are a few of the more common allergies we see here at Countryside Animal Hospital, and what some of their signs…Read More

  4. Preventing Heartworms In Your Pet

    All pets are susceptible to heartworms, and while most owners make sure their pets are treated for heartworms, most don’t know what heartworms are or how they develop in their pet’s body. Countryside Animal Hospital wants to help you understand the importance of getting your furry friend treated for heartworms and provide you with a better understanding of what a heartworm is and the danger th…Read More

  5. A Natural Way To Control Fleas For Your Cat

    Fleas are pesky little guys that drive our pets insane. The matter gets worse when they’ve got a good fur coat to make a home in. This reality is one that cat owners are often worried about, especially if the cat is an outdoor cat. For cat owners that want to keep their cat free of fleas, flea treatments are an obvious answer, but it’s hard to agree to that when the chemical based flea treatme…Read More