1. What’s Going On If Your Cat Has An Influx of Hairballs

    Every cat gets them. From the furry friends that curl up in our laps, to the wild cats of the jungle, hairballs are inevitable. At first, all attention is driven towards the disgusting process and how to make cleaning it up anymore appealing. Over time, our focus eventually gets there and we do what we need to do because we love our cat, even through the clawing and the sass. So it’s no wonder t…Read More

  2. Signs That Your Pup Might Be Pregnant

    There are very few things that equate to the joy of a newborn puppy. From their floppy first steps to their tiny little faces, puppies are something we can all welcome into our lives with open arms. As your Fort Collins veterinarian, I want to ensure that your pets are always in happy and healthy states. One of the times that it becomes extremely important to take strides in your pet’s life is w…Read More

  3. Preparing For A Blizzard With Your Pet In Mind

    Snow in Colorado isn’t a surprise. If you have been a resident of Fort Collins for a while, then you know that weather can change in an instant. From a high of 60 to inches of snow, we’ve recently been reminded that a blizzard isn’t an unreasonable thing to prepare for. With blizzard warnings happening across the state, Countryside Animal Hospital wants to make sure that you’re prepared to…Read More

  4. Benefits To Microchipping Your Pet

    Veterinary practice is evolving at a quick rate, and technology is a big reason that it’s possible for us to progress. With technology that helps us determine what’s wrong with your pet as well as tools that make the process easier, we are able to provide pets with a better life. However, technological advances also help out owners. One of the biggest advancements that we’ve made is the abil…Read More

  5. Plan Of Action For Emergency Accidents

    Pets are adventurous. Whether they’re cats or dogs, their curiosity usually leads them to unexpected accidents. When these accidents happen, it’s important that you have a plan of action that will help get your pet taken care of. The professionals at Countryside Animal Hospital in Fort Collins has a few primary tips for you to take into consideration when you first recognize that your pet has …Read More

  6. New Year’s Resolutions You Can Keep For Your Pet

    Each New Year provides an opportunity for you to inflict positive change in your life. While improving your health and vowing to travel more are great resolutions to make, the team of vets at Countryside Animal Hospital believe that your pets can, and should, benefit from a few New Year's resolutions. If you’re looking to change your life this coming year, don’t stop there. Make a difference i…Read More

  7. The Answer Behind Your Pet’s Stinky Breath

    Bad breath is never enjoyable, especially when it’s coming from your pet that’s dying to kiss you when you get home! If you’ve noticed that your pet’s breath has gotten extra bad lately, it might be time to take a deeper look at what’s going on in their mouth. While examining your dog, cat or horses mouth is not likely to be at the top of your “favorite thing’s to do” list, it is s…Read More

  8. How To Prevent & Care Colds For Your Pet

    Fall and winter bear the dreadful cold season. You might be surprised to find out that this statement doesn’t hold truth to only humans, but to our pets as well; especially the pets we have in our homes! As temperatures drop outside, more and more time is being spent in the confinement of our homes that just so happen to also be housing hundreds of germs. Our pets become equally susceptible to c…Read More

  9. Keep These Thanksgiving Dishes Away From Your Pets

    Every Thanksgiving meal is made to feed the family, and while there are always tons of leftovers, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the best for your pet. While it’s easy to pass some extra cranberries or mashed potatoes to that irresistible puppy pout, there are a couple of foods that you do need to be cautious of your pet eating. Countryside Animal Hospital wants to make sure that…Read More

  10. Prevent Your Pet’s Paws From Hurting

    Regardless of the season, your pet’s paws get quite a bit of action. Between walks and playtime, it’s important that their pets are cared for and maintained. Countryside Animal Hospital has a few quick tips for you to help prevent painful paws. Cold Weather Winters can get brutal in Colorado, and the cold dry air is capable of causing quite a bit of discomfort to your pet. The cold, dry air ca…Read More