1. The Answer Behind Your Pet’s Stinky Breath

    Bad breath is never enjoyable, especially when it’s coming from your pet that’s dying to kiss you when you get home! If you’ve noticed that your pet’s breath has gotten extra bad lately, it might be time to take a deeper look at what’s going on in their mouth. While examining your dog, cat or horses mouth is not likely to be at the top of your “favorite thing’s to do” list, it is s…Read More

  2. Prevent Your Pet’s Paws From Hurting

    Regardless of the season, your pet’s paws get quite a bit of action. Between walks and playtime, it’s important that their pets are cared for and maintained. Countryside Animal Hospital has a few quick tips for you to help prevent painful paws. Cold Weather Winters can get brutal in Colorado, and the cold dry air is capable of causing quite a bit of discomfort to your pet. The cold, dry air ca…Read More

  3. A Natural Way To Control Fleas For Your Cat

    Fleas are pesky little guys that drive our pets insane. The matter gets worse when they’ve got a good fur coat to make a home in. This reality is one that cat owners are often worried about, especially if the cat is an outdoor cat. For cat owners that want to keep their cat free of fleas, flea treatments are an obvious answer, but it’s hard to agree to that when the chemical based flea treatme…Read More

  4. Taking Care Of Your Senior Pets

    When our pets get older they have a difficult time handling physical and environmental situations. It always seems as if old age hits our pets so quickly, this is because our pets don’t show signs of illness easily. So when does a pet become a “senior”? For most pets it’s right around the age of 7 to 10 years of age. In this stage, pets should be visiting their veterinarian at least every …Read More

  5. How Your Tone Affects Your Pet’s Listening

    Training your pet can be hard work, especially when it seems like your pet wants to do everything but listen. If you’ve ever been curious why pets listen to the commands of some people, but not others, this post will provide you with some insight. The professionals at Countryside Animal Hospital in Fort Collins are in tune with your animals, and we’d love to help you get one step closer to tun…Read More

  6. Preventing Your Pets From Cancer

    Cancer is a daunting disease that has hit close to home for almost everyone. It’s scary for our friends and family to be diagnosed with cancer, and the same pain and devastation hits when cancer is discovered in our pets. Countryside Animal Hospital wants to keep your pet safe from cancer’s harm by telling you 2 things you can take into consideration with your pet’s lifestyle. Neutering Depe…Read More

  7. Getting Your Puppy Vaccinated

    Just like humans, dogs are susceptible to bacteria, disease and infection, so it’s important to get them vaccinated at an early age. The time at which puppies are able to respond to a vaccine differs per liter but can be done as early as six weeks of age. The absolute latest that a puppy should be vaccinated is 18 weeks of age. 5 Weeks: Parvovirus This is the common name applied to all viruses i…Read More