It can be crazy to think that you may be a pet owner that is making big mistakes. There are great actions and poor actions to take when owning a pet, and many of us are guilty of doing one or two of these risky mistakes. Read more to learn what types of risky mistakes you may or may not be making:

Don’t Make These Risky Mistakes as a Pet Owner

Don’t let your dog walk you.

This may be harder than you think if your dog is not properly trained. You should never let your dog walk you when you’re out for a stroll. Easier said than done, yes, but according to the CDC, 10,000 people end up getting hurt by their dog pulling them down, and it tends to happen while walking their dog. Obedience training is a must. Your dog needs to learn how to act on a leash, and through obedience training, you can expect them to do just that.

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Don’t overlook ticks.

Depending on your location, ticks are easily overlooked. Unfortunately, a walk through the woods can be a danger for your dog. Ticks carry Lyme disease and Lyme disease, if not caught and treated quickly, can be deadly. Checking and treating your dog against ticks is highly important. Not only that, but if your dog isn’t treated, they can pose a health threat to your family too.

Don’t ignore ringworm.

Yes, dogs and cats are susceptible to ringworm just like humans, and if not treated, they can become ill and experience severe hair-loss. If you’ve started to notice your pet losing their hair, it’s time you call your local animal hospital for assistance. Although ringworm is hard to notice, take note in how your pet is acting and check their belly whenever you get a chance.

Don’t forget to deworm your animal.

Worms are a common parasite in cats and dogs which make it even more important to make sure your pet receives the proper care they deserve, such as getting dewormed when needed. If your pet doesn’t get dewormed, they can become very ill and eventually become blind or be susceptible to tissue damage.

Don’t skip out on flea medication.

Fleas, unfortunately, are popular in Colorado. So, if you live along the Front Range in Fort Collins, your pet is likely to obtain fleas at least once in their lifetime. And, if there are bunnies or a lot of squirrels in your neighborhood, the likeness is even greater. Fleas can cover your pet in itchy sores. In our opinion, no one, not even a pet, should have to deal with that. Treatment for fleas is affordable when you call our animal hospital right away.

Don’t let your pet become ill by ignoring the above issues. Contact our animal hospital in Fort Collins today to schedule an appointment. We have the experience and dedication you can trust! Call now and feel free to learn more about us online today!