Let’s face it, for some reason, we are addicted to putting clothes on our dogs. And why shouldn’t we be? If this is something that is close to your heart, you’re not alone. The animal clothing industry has boomed in recent years as the desire for cool, practical, or funny doggie outfits grows in pup-ularity…(Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.)

We’re obsessed. We post pictures of our fur-babies in designer accessories or even create calendars and collages to document each precious article of clothing or outfit our patient puppy has modeled for us. Whether it’s a coat to help keep your dog warm on those winter walks, a trendy vest, or a cute halloween costume, Americans simply can’t get enough of our dogs dressed up.


It’s amazing how many trendy options there are for your stylish dog. There are plenty of adorable plaid vests, skirts, or denim button-ups for your hipster puppy. Additionally, you can easily find denim vests and jackets or jumpers of all varieties to match your dog’s individual personality. And for accessories, there are amazing hats, jewelry, or cute collars to add that final touch to your dog’s overall look. To many of us dog owners, fashion takes priority; however, others may only see the need for functionality in their dog’s wardrobe.


As winter approaches in Fort Collins, we need to consider the realities of what that means for our dogs. Many dogs need a little bit of extra warmth to keep them toasty in the snow. If comfort and warmth are all you’re looking for, a puppy sweater can be a great choice. There are also some great winter coats or vests that are cozy, warm, and easy to put on and remove.

Additionally, if you’re an avid outdoors person, it might make sense to acquire some outdoor gear if your dog will be adventuring with you. If you’re planning on hiking in the colder temperatures or snow, you might consider picking up some puppy boots to avoid the danger of frostbite on your puppy’s paws. There are also some very useful doggie backpacks that are both lightweight and practical.


Honestly, who could write an article about dog fashion and forget all of the fun costumes? There are a variety of superhero, Hogwarts, or Disney character costumes that would would never cease to impress. And if you love the idea of dressing your dog as another animal, there are lions, seals, lobsters, bears, and turkey costumes and each one is as adorable as the last. Many people also opt to dress their animals up for the holidays. This opens up a whole new world of costume ideas when you consider all of the paw-sibilities there…(last time, I promise!)

If you consider your dog to be a part of the family, and let’s face it, most of us do, then you’ve probably either already purchased something for your dog to wear, or you’re planning on it. Whatever the case may be, remember that there are so many awesome options at your disposal for all kinds of reasons. Whether your focus is keeping up with the trends, staying practical, or dressing your dog up like Santa Claus, you should be able to find wonderful ideas to get whatever it is you are looking for. And If you’re not sure what your pup needs this winter, bring him or her in to our veterinary clinic for a check-up and winter weather advice.