pupearsBelieve it or not, there is normal chewing behavior your dog is allowed to have. Previously, our veterinary clinic provided readers reasons their dog may be destructive; however, it’s important to understand dogs are allowed to chew, it’s just part of their genes. Read on to clarify what normal chewing behavior for your dog may entail.

What is normal chewing behavior?

Unfortunately, chewing behaviors and characteristics can vary from dog to dog, making it unclear if your dog has a habitual issue they need help addressing or not. To put things into perspective, both domestic and wild dogs can all spend hours chewing on bones; it’s just in their DNA. Why? This type of activity keeps their teeth clean and jaws strong. You may also find your dog chewing on sticks and nearly anything else they can get their paws on, which is why it’s crucial you give your dog the right toys to aid their chewing habits effectively. Furthermore, while chewing behavior for many dogs seems normal, your dog should be chewing only on items that allow for it, including bones, sticks and toys. However, sometimes providing these items for your dog won’t successfully prevent inappropriate chewing habits. Some dogs, from the very beginning, need to learn what’s ok to chew and what’s not.

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Some dogs could use a bit of training and encouragement to fix their inappropriate chewing behavior and habits. Here are some useful tips to help you humanely help your dog change them:

Dog-Proof Your House

If you’ve ever shared your home with a destructive dog, we’re sure you’ve heard the term “dog-proofing.” This term just means you should put any valuable objects away and out of reach until you can completely trust your dog’s newly learned chewing behaviors. Keep commonly chewed items stored away, such as dirty laundry, shoes and books. By doing this, you’ll be making it easier for your dog to succeed, and everyone wants that.

Buy Your Dog New Toys

Your dog should have his own toys, including chew bones he can play with and chew on for longer periods of time. On days when you’re off at work for hours at a time, they’ll need some form of entertainment. Purchasing toys that can entertain them is a setup for success. When they do good at home by themselves by not acting against you with inappropriate chewing behaviors, buy them new bones and toys they’ll appreciate.

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Dogs should be given toys they love and ones in which they’ll create healthy chewing behaviors. To learn some great toy suggestions, feel free to contact our veterinary clinic in Fort Collins. We’re happy to help you and your dog succeed with creating healthy chewing behaviors. To learn more useful tips, be sure you stay tuned for our next blog. In the meantime, make an appointment online with Countryside Animal Hospital today!

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