sunpupWhen you own a dog and you come home to a destroyed house, chances are you’ll be upset. There’s no doubt about it, when your furry friend gets into the trash or tears up your kiddo’s favorite stuffed animal, there should be consequences for your pup. However, if your dog is continuously destructive and chewing on things other than toys, it’s important you do something about it. Here’s what our veterinary clinic in Fort Collins recommends you learn:

What causes your dog’s destructive behavior?

Research states that any dog who suffers from separation anxiety, fabric sucking, hunger and teething may display destructive behavior. At this point, you may feel helpless. How do you deal with a dog that has one or more of these issues? You prevent the issues as much as you can, of course.

How can you prevent your dog from destroying your home while you’re away?

When you’re away from home and your dog suffers from separation anxiety, fabric sucking, hunger and teething, it’s crucial you take steps to allow them to stop behavioral chewing. By dog-proofing your house, buying new toys, using chewing deterrents, supervising them and promoting physical activity you may be able to successfully decrease or stop your dog’s destructive behavior all-together. However, there will be times you won’t know where to turn next to stop your dog’s destruction. With that being said, here are some more tips:

countryside3Gentle, Humane Manner To Implement Appropriate Chewing Toys

Teach Your Dog What They Can and Cannot Chew

Although you may think this is a no-brainer, it can be difficult to teach your adorable pup what they are allowed and not allowed to chew. Do everything in your power to avoid confusing your dog by offering them any unwanted household items, such as discarded pillows, cushions, clothes or shoes. When you think about it, it’s unfair to expect a dog to understand they can chew one pair of shoes, but not another.

The Dirty Underwear Delma

Whether you’d like to admit it or not, all puppies seem to have a fetish of chewing dirty underwear. Although it may seem disgusting to you, pups like it. Additionally, you may notice your pup that loves your dirty underwear may also start to rummage through the bathroom trash cans for discarded tampons and/or sanitary napkins. Now, this can be more dangerous very quickly. Feminine sanitary products will expand in a dog’s stomach and can cause terrible complications within the digestive system. In order to make sure your dog doesn’t get to your underwear or discarded feminine products, be sure you keep your dirty clothes in a closed hamper and your discarded feminine products in a sealed container or closed trash can.

Schedule With Our Veterinary Clinic

We can’t always control how a dog will behave, but we can enforce positive practices. Join our veterinary clinic online today to schedule an appointment to make sure your dog’s health is in check. In the meantime, be sure you stay tuned for our next blog post to further your education on how to implement appropriate chewing toys: What Not To Do When Teaching Your Pup Chewing Dos & Don’ts.