pup2Your dog is your best friend! Understandably, it can be torturous watching them suffer from common allergies each year. And unfortunately, allergy season has just begun. If you have started noticing your dog act a little funny and unusual, we wouldn’t be surprised if it’s because they are suffering from common allergies many dogs suffer from each autumn. In our previous post, we started listing common symptoms of allergies in dogs; here are more:

Signs Your Fluffy Friend May Have Allergies

Runny Eyes

Although not all dog’s eyes will run, runny eyes are a very common symptom of allergies. If you don’t notice your dog’s eyes running (tears), keep an eye out for the goop which forms in the corners of their eyes. This goop is a sure sign their eyes are watering regularly. Until you can make an appointment at our veterinary clinic in Fort Collins, be sure you gently wipe away the goop with a clean Kleenex.

Ear Infections

If your dog has been scratching continuously at their ears, or you notice them shaking their head violently, and often, it’s time to call our veterinary clinic. Not only is this a sign of itchy ears, but itchy ears signal your pup may be experiencing a painful and irritating ear infection. Ear infections can quickly turn worse than you expect if your dog is shaking their head too violently. This is because a hematoma can occur within their ear flaps. Although it may not sound dangerous, to resolve the problem, surgery is usually required. Prevent ear infections becoming something worse by contacting your local vet as soon as you notice the odd behavior.

Your Dog Deserves Great Health

Nobody likes to see their dog in pain or extremely irritated. Join Fort Collin’s leading veterinary clinic online today to learn more about how you may be able to treat your dog’s allergies, and contact us with an appointment for immediate assistance. In the meantime, be sure you know what other allergies may be bugging your pup by staying tuned to our next blog: Common Allergies That Affect Dogs.

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