pup2Dogs are a man’s best friend, yet sometimes they have the worst way of letting us know they love us. You may be wondering how this could possibly be, but think about it. Some dogs, mostly puppies, are destructive which can make you rethink their love for you. Let’s face it; you’re the one who will be cleaning up the mess they’ve created. To get down to the bottom of the destruction, let’s have a conversation.

Rule Out Why Your Pup May Be Destructive

Separation Anxiety

For dogs who suffer from separation anxiety, it can be difficult for them to see you go. In all honesty, they aren’t sure if you’ll be coming home anytime soon. In order for them to cope with their separation anxiety, they chew. Chewing may bring them some relief of separation anxiety. If you aren’t sure whether your dog is suffering from separation anxiety there are other signs. Other signs of suffering from separation anxiety may include pacing, barking, restlessness, whining and indoor urinating and/or defecating.

Fabric Sucking

TrixieAlthough this may seem bizarre, fabric sucking is a “thing.” Just like babies sucking their thumbs at a young age, dogs may choose to suck and/or chew on fabric. Some experts have come to the conclusion dogs do this because they were weaned off of their mother too early (before eight weeks old). If you’ve been noticing your dog destroying a pillow, carpet or toys, you may want to contact our veterinarian to learn more about the behavior of your dog. Compulsive behavior is never healthy, let us help you figure out what the cause is.


Your dog may be hungry! If your dog is currently on a low-calorie diet, they might take every opportunity they can to destroy objects (especially the trash can) to learn if anything they’re destroying is worth consuming. Additional sources of nutrition may direct your dog to chew on objects similar to food or ones that smell like food.


Is your puppy teething? Teething can be a painful and irritating experience for every animal who goes through it. When your puppy is teething, they’ll be looking for some interesting objects to destroy. Why? Chewing helps eliminate discomfort from teething. This usually ends around the six-month mark, but some puppies can continue to chew as a habit. If you’re searching for objects for your dog to chew up, choose products, such as ice cubes, frozen towels or go to your nearest pet store to buy teething-specific dog toys. If you’d like a few recommendations, give our veterinarian in Fort Collins a call.

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There are plenty of reasons your dog may be destructive, and them chewing on everything in sight can be devastating to not only your home, but to your checkbook. Feel free to contact our veterinarian today to have any of your questions answered about your dog’s chewing habits. We’ll be more than happy to provide you with some tips and tricks and may even schedule an appointment to get to know your dog. Stay tuned for our next blog to learn more about normal chewing behavior and useful tips on how to “dog-proof” your house.

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