pup3It’s the start of fall and many pet owners are noticing their dog acting a little funny. Whether your dog is scratching their ears all too often, or they’re eyes are almost always filled with goop, autumn marks the start of allergy season.

Yes, pets can have allergies too!

If your pet has started showing signs of allergies, you may be concerned; our veterinarian doesn’t blame you! Let us help you get to the bottom of your dog’s allergies. Here are some ways you can identify your pup is suffering from allergies this fall:

Signs Your Fluffy Friend May Have Allergies


Although it’s cute when your pup sneezes, it’s a sign they’re suffering from allergies. The cause may be from mold spores, trees, grass, weed pollens, dander or house dust mites. Unfortunately, there are many different pollutants which could be affecting your dog. However, if it is only a seasonal uprising of sneezing, make sure you take a look around your dog’s environment to learn if any of the pollens are high, etc. Regardless of what you think the cause may be, making an appointment with their veterinarian is always a smart move.

Increased Scratching

Dogs tend to scratch. There’s no doubt about it! When there are pollens and other types of allergens floating around in the air, it’s no wonder many of them get stuck in their fur, and they may cause your dog’s skin to become dry. If this happens, your dog may begin to scratch random places more than you’re accustomed. If this seems like a regular occurrence at home, speak with our veterinarian about topical treatments that may help.

Treat Your Dog’s Allergies

‘Tis the season for allergies! Make sure you get the help you need from our veterinarian in Fort Collins. If your pup is sneezing or you have noticed an increase in their scratching, be sure you contact us for advice or to set up an appointment. If you’d like to learn more symptoms of allergies in dogs, be sure you stay tuned for our next blog: General Symptoms of Allergies in Dogs.

Treat Your Dog's Allergies Today!