Prices for health care procedures continue to rise, but there’s no doubt that these services are inevitable. In order to ensure that we can afford these procedure in the case of an emergency or on a routine basis as needed, we invest in health insurance that makes the process more affordable for us. As one of the primary animal hospitals in Fort Collins, it goes without saying that we prioritize the wellbeing of your pets, that being said here are a few of the things that you should take into consideration as you start looking into pet insurance.


Just as with our health insurance, plans will range in prices based off of what they offer. When you browse a bunch of plans, make sure you aren’t getting stuck on the price alone. Check to make sure that every plan you sincerely consider offers the services you’ll need. You can also check to make sure it isn’t offering services that you won’t need, just to save yourself money.


Wellness covers the most important factors of your pet’s health, so it’s incredibly important that you choose a plan that includes wellness. If the plan that you’re considering doesn’t include wellness as a part of the plan, you can pay for it as an addition for as little as $10 with certain companies.


You don’t want to trust the health and well being of your pet with someone that doesn’t have experience. The same goes for the professionals that are charging you for their service. Make sure that the company that you choose to work with is one that you can trust with your finances and has gained experience in this realm.

At Countryside Animal Hospital, we do our best to provide you and your pet with the best service possible. Make sure that the pet insurance company that you work with is doing the same by taking the time to really evaluate what each company has to offer you.