If you are a cat owner, you have undoubtedly seen your cat lower himself to the floor, lift a paw to his face, and lick himself repeatedly. He’s giving himself a bath! However, is kitty saliva enough to get him clean?

It depends on that cat! If you have a particularly overweight cat, it’s likely that he is unable to reach all parts of his body to bathe. Some cats also get into something very messy and sticky, and they often require external help to get everything out of their fur! Also, many allergens on cats are located in their saliva. If you have a guest who is allergic to cats, it may be wise to bathe your cat ahead of time. If you decide to give Fluffy a bath:

  • Tire him out first: Your cat will be more cooperative if he is tired. Play with him for awhile first and then begin the bath.
  • Trim the claws: Cats can panic when being given a bath, so if his claws are dull, that might make the process less painful for you.
  • Use cat shampoo: Human shampoo can dry out your cat’s skin.
  • Use a washcloth for his face: You may use plain water to clean his face unless he really got himself into a mess! If this is the case, dilute the shampoo to clean the face.
  • Dry your cat with a big towel: Let your kitty warm up in the towel and try to keep him away from any drafty spaces.

Afterward, reward your cat with a nice treat and praise for being good! When it’s time for your cat’s checkup, be sure to bring him to your premier choice Fort Collins veterinary clinic: Countryside Animal Hospital.