Cancer is a daunting disease that has hit close to home for almost everyone. It’s scary for our friends and family to be diagnosed with cancer, and the same pain and devastation hits when cancer is discovered in our pets. Countryside Animal Hospital wants to keep your pet safe from cancer’s harm by telling you 2 things you can take into consideration with your pet’s lifestyle.


Depending on the cancer in question, the hormones of adult animals can promote or deter tumor development. A study showed that female dogs are less likely to develop tumors when they’re spayed early in life. This is likely due to the lack of exposure of mammary tissues. On the other hand, neutering in male dogs has actually shown an increased chance of tumor development. Taking your pet’s gender into consideration when neutering could make a big difference in the likelihood of cancerous cells developing.


Exposure to environmental components such as secondhand smoke, pesticides and pollution are something that we as humans try to avoid, but that dogs come into contact with without knowing the risks. Pesticides are especially dangerous for pets seeing as how they’re much closer to the chemicals that can soak into the bloodstream and cause long term damage.

If you’re concerned about your pet’s health, visit Dr. Speights in Fort Collins. Our veterinary clinic can inform you more on the risks your pet faces. If you are currently concerned that your pet may have cancer, schedule an appointment with Countryside Animal Hospital today!