pawRegardless of the season, your pet’s paws get quite a bit of action. Between walks and playtime, it’s important that their pets are cared for and maintained. Countryside Animal Hospital has a few quick tips for you to help prevent painful paws.

Cold Weather

Winters can get brutal in Colorado, and the cold dry air is capable of causing quite a bit of discomfort to your pet. The cold, dry air can create cracks in your pet’s paws and skin while the chemical products used to melt snow can cause irritation, blisters, and infection. Washing off your pet’s paws after they walk on a driveway covered in snow salt can reduce the chances of irritation while Vaseline can help with any cracked paws.


Trimming your pet’s toenails is not only important, but it’s necessary. The length of nails and how often they need to be trimmed will vary from breed to breed, but is equally important for every dog. A general tip for clipping toenails is keeping them at a length where they are just about to touch the ground. Dragging nails are painful to walk on, but for older dogs ingrown nails can lead to an injury.

Feet Fur

The fur that is between the paw pads often gets forgotten. Trimming this hair on a regular basis keeps any dirt or rocks from getting stuck in the hair. Any type of matting that happens between the paw pads can create extreme levels of discomfort in pets.

Visit Dr. Speights at the Countryside Animal Hospital for more information on how you can help keep your pet’s paws in a comfortable state.