Snow in Colorado isn’t a surprise. If you have been a resident of Fort Collins for a while, then you know that weather can change in an instant. From a high of 60 to inches of snow, we’ve recently been reminded that a blizzard isn’t an unreasonable thing to prepare for. With blizzard warnings happening across the state, Countryside Animal Hospital wants to make sure that you’re prepared to care for your pets in the instance of being snowed into your home by offering a few tips.

Stocking Up

When blizzard warnings go out, preparation is the first thing that needs to happen. Similarly to the way that you scan through your pantry and fridge to make sure that you are stocked for the storm, check your pet’s food and make sure that they’re stocked up enough to last the storm. Another thing to consider is if they take medication or vitamins on a regular basis, or if they need to take medication during the duration of the storm. Having these forms of medication and vitamins on hands will make it so that you don’t have to worry about leaving your home if you run out.


Your pet may be furry, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t get cold when the snow comes around. Seeing as how our four legged friends will likely be making trips in the snow, it’s great to be prepared to keep them warm. Whether that be by having a sweater for them when they go outside, or being prepared to warm them up once they’re back inside, a game plan makes this process go much smoother.


Your safety will always come first in regards to a blizzard. You are aware of whether or not it’s safe to drive, what you need to be stocked up on and when it’s just inappropriate to leave your home. Your pet, however, is not. Make sure that your pet is safe by checking their paws from snow and ice, and also cleaning them off if there is any ice salt on the road or sidewalk. The chemicals from ice salt can hurt your furry friend’s paws, so make sure to wipe them off to keep them happy!

Be prepared for any blizzards that may come our way in the next couple of hours, or days. If your pet needs any immediate care, visit Countryside Animal Hospital. Our vet clinic has everything that your dog or cat could need!