countryside3If dogs had a favorite food, we’d like to think it would be bones. In fact bones are one of the items that pet stores sell the most of. For so long we hear people saying that giving your dog a bone helps keep their teeth healthy, but how accurate is this word of mouth advice that’s going around?

Do bones clean your dog’s teeth?

The way that we like to look at this question is viewing it from our own shoes. As humans, our teeth would not be considered brush by chewing on a bone, in fact, we’d like consider them dirtier than before. The same goes for pets. In order for teeth to really be cleaned, they need to be scrubbed with a brush. If this is the only method that you’ve relied on for brushing, chances are that your dog is suffering from plaque buildup and may have teeth that are rotten or infected.  

Are bones good for a dog at all?

The honest answer is that while they may not be bad, they aren’t good. Bones cause a good amount of damage and injuries that bring your dog into the vet in the first place. Bones have been the cause of fractured teeth, gastroenteritis, obstructions and constipation.

Bones aren’t necessarily bad for dogs, but they don’t provide any added benefits. They are great alternatives for pets that are bored easily or are teething, but by no means are they an alternative to dental appointments or routine cleaning. At Countryside Animal Hospital, we take care of your pets and ensure their teeth are healthy. Schedule your routine dental cleaning at our trusted vet clinic in Fort Collins!