pup2Our pets provide us with an incomparable companionship, and in that bond we find a one of a kind love. While we may have an undying love for our dog, there are plenty of great owners that do things that aren’t always in the best interest of their pet. Whether we are unaware or just tend to give in to their puppy dog looks, these are a few of the things that we should try our hardest not to do to our dogs.

Leave Your Dog In The Car

We all run errands, and promise that it won’t take more than 5 minutes, so what’s the harm in leaving our pet in the car for such a short amount of time? While it may seem like a small amount of time, the truth is that our pets bodies will react to the heat much quicker than our bodies will. Especially during the warmer months, our cars can become a greenhouse of sorts and the overall heat can leave a dog to overheat, become sick and even cause death.

Skip Vet Visits

In the times that we’ve forgotten to schedule our doctor or dentist appointment, we shrug it off and say that we’ll be better to keep up with it next time. While we can totally do that, these are the times that illnesses, diagnoses and test results go unknown. When it comes to your dog, know that your self diagnosis will never be as beneficial as a full visit to the vet. Whether it be teeth cleaning or vaccinations, the expertise of our vet clinic will be much more certain.

These are only a few of the things that you should make sure never to do to your pup. Check in next week for more things that you should never do to your dog.