catdogCats and dogs have often been able to keep the peace when the cat is only a mere visitor, spending most of their time outside. But as we all know, cats need attention, and when they aren’t the center of it, tension rises. For homes that have one or more sassy indoor cats, what happens when you decide to add a dog to the mix?

The first step to making making a home harmonious for a cat and dog is by doing research. There are particular breeds that are less likely to be confrontation with cats, making it an easy transition. Knowing which types of dogs and the history of your pet make the addition of a pup to the family, an easy one.

The next step is understanding the psyche of your cat. Cats are dominant characters that need to feel in control. When it comes to the addition of a dog, making sure that there is an area in which your cat can still have time without, or away, from the dog is great! This also provides a sanctuary for you kitty if your new dog wants to rough house.

When you do finally bring your new pup into the home, you must recognize that the cat is the alpha in the situation. Having been there longer, your cat views it as their territory. Feeding them first and showing signs of affection to them first are a great way to show the loyalty that you still have while they make this transition.

Adding a dog to a cat’s home is tough, and it takes time. Your cat is likely to show signs of stress as the transition occurs, but after some time to adjust and adapt, your pets will be like siblings. Call Dr. Speights office with any concerns you may have about your dog or cat if they’re not adjusting to a new living situation well. Dr. Speights is a trusted vet that can ensure your pet is in good hands. Visit our Fort Collins location with any immediate concerns.