There are very few things that equate to the joy of a newborn puppy. From their floppy first steps to their tiny little faces, puppies are something we can all welcome into our lives with open arms. As your Fort Collins veterinarian, I want to ensure that your pets are always in happy and healthy states. One of the times that it becomes extremely important to take strides in your pet’s life is when they’re in a state of change. Whether this be as they enter old age, develop an illness or become pregnant, this is the time that your actions will play an extra important part in their lives.

If you’re thinking that your dog might be pregnant, here are a few steps that you need to take in  order to make sure and take initiative to get them the care they need.


Signs of your dog being pregnant won’t show up right away. If you’re a breeder, we understand the anxiety that comes with a litter of pups, but patience is the first step. A dog could not show signs of pregnancy for two to three weeks, so the first third of their pregnancy. You’ll notice a sickness similar to that of morning sickness, but appetite will remain the same.


Similarly to humans, the mood of your dogs will change during pregnancy. It is not always a calm effect that it will have, but a change in mood whether an increase in hyperactivity or a decrease in it, your pup will experience mood swings. Noting a change in mood over time is often a sign we use, but not a factual means of coming to the conclusion of your pet being pregnant.


If you begin to notice drastic changes in your pet, it’s time to take them to the vet. Even if they don’t wind up being pregnant, there’s something that is affecting the way that your pet is carrying themselves and that needs to be addressed.

Schedule an appointment at Countryside Animal Hospital if you are suspecting that your pup might be pregnant. Being knowledgeable on how and what you need to provide for your dog to have a successful pregnancy is the most important part of discovering your pet is pregnant. Make sure to take the stride to providing your pet with a healthy pregnancy.