mountaindogEach New Year provides an opportunity for you to inflict positive change in your life. While improving your health and vowing to travel more are great resolutions to make, the team of vets at Countryside Animal Hospital believe that your pets can, and should, benefit from a few New Year’s resolutions. If you’re looking to change your life this coming year, don’t stop there. Make a difference in the life of your furry friend by implementing a few of these habits.

Measure Their Food

Your pet’s diet plays an equally important role in their health. When you overfeed your pet, their chances of developing a disease that is detrimental to their health, rises. This includes chances for diabetes, heart disease and cancer. The best way to ensure your dog is getting the proper amount of food is by using an 8 oz cup and following the guidelines on the back of the bag. Making this change could add years to your pup’s life.

Add New Activities

Physical activity is another important factor to your pet’s health, and also enhances their quality of life. This new year, try to incorporate new activities into your lifestyle that include your pet. Whether that ends up being hikes up Horsetooth, or weekend swims in the reservoir, making the effort to try new activities provides a new experience for you and your furry friend!

Schedule Your Vet Appointments

Once the new year has started, life gets busy and it becomes more difficult to stick to resolutions. Scheduling your appointments in advance will make it easier to stick to the appointments and help ensure that your pet’s health is as it should be. Keeping up to date with vet appointments means always being on track with vaccinations and vitamins, it also keeps you in the know with their health. 

Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is tedious, and more often than not, goes forgotten. The team at Countryside Animal Hospital knows how damaging it can be when you don’t take the necessary actions to maintain your pet’s oral health. If you aren’t currently brushing your pet’s teeth, even implementing habits like brushing once a week will make an incredible difference on your pet’s oral hygiene.

Following these types of guidelines and resolutions will improve your pet’s health and make your time with them all the better. Schedule your pet’s vet visits here at Countryside Animal Hospital in Fort Collins to ensure that their health is in a great place as the new year starts.