colddogIt’s no secret that temperatures drop at a rapid rate here in Colorado. When this happens, we often forget that our furry friends are capable of getting cold too. While they’re covered in fur, dogs definitely get cold too, and certain breeds react better to the cool weather than others. Countryside Animal Hospital has a few quick tips for you on ways to keep your four legged friend warm this winter.

Stimulate Your Pup’s Hair Growth

As we mentioned prior, different breeds react differently to the cold weather. The more time that your dog spends outdoors, the more protective their fur will be. Take note as to how thick your dog’s fur is and how much time they’re accustomed to spending outdoors. When they spend time outdoors, recognize how comfortable they seem and how well they adjust to ensure they don’t get too cold.

Add A Warm Sweater To The Mix

While there are individuals that find dressing a dog ridiculous, a dog sweater provides quite a bit of warmth. These sweaters don’t provide maximum warmth, but for smaller dogs or dogs with thin layers of fur, they offer an extra form of heat. Sweaters also protect snow from getting matted in their fur.

Minimize Fly-Away Fur

Like humans, our pets develop dry skin when temperatures drop. Because of this, hair tends to loosen quicker. Add a fatty acid supplement to your pup’s diet in order to provide them with the nutrients they need to keep their skin moisturized. You can also brush them routinely to get rid of any loose fur.

Utilize these easy tips to keep your dog warm this winter. Visit Countryside Animal Hospital in Fort Collins for any questions or to schedule a routine vet visit!