Every Thanksgiving meal is made to feed the family, and while there are always tons of leftovers, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re the best for your pet. While it’s easy to pass some extra cranberries or mashed potatoes to that irresistible puppy pout, there are a couple of foods that you do need to be cautious of your pet eating. Countryside Animal Hospital wants to make sure that you keep these following Thanksgiving dishes out of your pet’s reach to secure your pets health.


Dessert is arguably the best part of Thanksgiving. The countless types of pies, brownies, ice cream and let’s not forget the whip cream. While these are all tasty treats for us humans, that same does not go for our pets. These types of foods are processed, high in sugar and can do a great deal of damage to our pets smaller, more vulnerable intestines. If you really want to spoil your pet this holiday, visit your local pet supply store. They’re likely to have some pet approved sweets for you to give them!

Onion-y Foods

This includes onions, garlic and leeks. All three of these are commonly found in most Thanksgiving dishes, and while they are healthy for humans, they’re poisonous for your furry friends. Make sure that your pets keep away from any casserole, seasoning, or leftovers that contain these types of ingredients.


As surprising as it sounds, the bones found in chicken or turkey legs aren’t great for dogs! These types of bones can break off in strange places, creating a sharp and dangerous piece of bone that they could choke on or that could get stuck in their throat. Avoiding these types of bones, and sticking to the rawhide ones is a much better option.

If your pet gets into something bad for them this Thanksgiving, visit Dr. Speights here in Fort Collins. The Countryside Animal Hospital can help get your pet back to a good bill health. We can also answer any questions that you have regarding unsafe foods to keep out your pet’s reach during the holiday season!