pupearsOne of the most common reasons for a visit to the vet is because of inflamed and irritable ears. This happens to both dogs and cats and is otherwise known as otitis externa. The signs and symptoms that drive this diagnosis are itching of the ears, odor, discharge, and shaking their head. Like an ear infection, otitis externa can develop in one, or both ears.

When you notice these symptoms it’s best to inspect your pet’s ears and look for confirmation of inflamed or irritated insides of the ear. From there, take your pet to Countryside Animal Hospital and allow for us to determine what it is that’s irritating the ear. Any type of waxy residue is usually a discharge that is differentiated from ear mites or an ear infection, but the only way to determine which is by examining the discharge under a microscope.

At times, this type of irritation could be due to an innocent buildup of earwax. The only way to find out what’s really irritating your pet’s ears are through a quick and simple test that the vet will do. Discharge, odor and irritation can derive from ear mites, yeast or bacterial growth, or infection, so getting your pet to the doctor in order to manage the irritation as soon as possible is important so that you can take the right steps in eliminating this irritation.

When your pet is showing signs of discomfort in their ears, visit Dr. Speights in Fort Collins. Countryside Animal Hospital makes your pet as comfortable as possible as we get their health back on track. Schedule an appointment with us today!