cat2With so many options of items we can eat, it’s hard to make the right choices or know what our body is lacking; this is the same instance for our pets. When it comes to feeding our cats and dogs, we need to make sure that we’re giving them all of the nutrients and vitamins that they need in order to maintain a healthy life. While we’ve learned things like milk is bad for grown cats and certain ingredients to stay away from, there are a few other common mistakes that are made when feeding a cat.


This affordable form of meat is one of the most addictive foods for cats.One thing to consider is whether or not the tuna that you’re feeding them is packed for humans or for cats. While it doesn’t seem like it would make a big difference, tuna that is packed for cats will include vitamins and nutrients that they need to stay healthy. Too much tuna packed for humans could lead to malnutrition down the road.


It’s well known that chocolate is one of the most harmful things that a dog can consume, but very few of us consider how this ingredient affects cats. Just as with dogs, chocolate can be just as dangerous for cats. Most cats won’t try and eat chocolate on their own, but keeping it out of reach when you do have it is best.

These two types of food are some of the most dangerous foods your cat could consume in either mass amounts, or at all. These foods, along with others such as grapes, raw eggs, milk and onions, can do damage to your cat’s overall health. If your cat consumes any of these ingredients, visit Dr. Speights at Countryside Animal Hospital so that we can provide the care they need.