sunpupWe’re all very aware of how our skin reacts to the sun. Whether you’re one of those lucky individuals that can sit in the sun for hours and only gain a nice shade of copper, or you’re one of the people that walks around like a lobster for a week, you know what types of products and methods will help you best care for your skin while in the sun. While this is the case for us, are our furry four legged friends capable of being burnt too?

With summer quickly approaching it goes without saying that you’ll be out there enjoying the Colorado sunshine. In a town like Fort Collins, where there is always something going on outdoors, we are always taking advantage of the places that we can take our furry friends. Considering that it’s only expected we’ll all be out in the sun with our pets, it’s time we really look into how sensitive our pet’s skin is to the sun.

Do our furry friends get sunburned?

The answer to this is yes. While they are covered in fur, our pets are still extremely sensitive to the rays of the sun. While all are able to get burnt, there are a few breeds of dogs that are more susceptible to getting sunburned, those being any white dogs or dogs with naturally thin hair. Hairless breeds like the Chinese Crested get burnt easily but are also at risk of developing skin cancer. Even with major breeds, there are areas of skin that are sensitive and are likely to get burnt, for instance, stomachs, ears and noses.

How do we prevent this?

While we don’t exactly look alike, the ways that we protect ourselves from getting sunburnt are very similar. When outside, camping out in the shade when the temperatures really start to rise is never a bad idea. While this is a fantastic way to keep cool too, it is most definitely acceptable to apply sunscreen to your pet as well. The hardest part of this is ensuring it soaks in before they get the chance to lick it off, but it is certainly beneficial for the sensitive spots we mentioned earlier.

Your summer will be incredibly enjoyable knowing that you’re outdoors and enjoying the sun while you and your pet are protected from the sun. Countryside Animal Hospital posts fun tips for keeping your pet healthy and safe on a weekly basis, so make sure to check back soon.