teethMost people don’t know that your pet’s teeth are just as important as your own when it comes to routine maintenance. Every pet should have their teeth professionally looked out, but they should also have routine brushings at home. While many vet’s will suggest that brushing should happen every day, it’s great to get your pet’s teeth brushed at least once or twice a week. This keeps them healthy and makes routine dental check-up’s easier for your pet.

Maintaining healthy molars for your four-legged friend is quick and easy. Here are a few tips for when you brush your pet’s pearly whites:  

  • Find somewhere that they’ll be comfortable
  • Use a toothbrush specially designed for animals
  • Use animal toothpaste, usually a meat flavor.
  • Always brush the back molars
  • Brush the gum line, lifting the lip helps reach the gums
  • Brush gently, as if you were brushing your own

If you are just beginning to add brushing to your pet’s routine, the first few times may be difficult. A great way to get them comfortable is to let them taste the toothpaste you’ll be using prior to the brushing and rewarding them after the brushing. There are a variety of treats that also help strengthen your pet’s teeth, Greenies is a great brand that pets often love.

Remember, our pet’s teeth are similar to our own and are capable of contracting the same oral difficulties we are. While routine brushing helps, it’s important that you schedule a professional cleaning with your vet. Professional cleanings should be scheduled annually, semi annually if your pet’s teeth need extra care. If your furry friend is in need of a professional dental visit Dr. Speight and our team here at Countryside Animal Hospital in Fort Collins.