Veterinary practice is evolving at a quick rate, and technology is a big reason that it’s possible for us to progress. With technology that helps us determine what’s wrong with your pet as well as tools that make the process easier, we are able to provide pets with a better life. However, technological advances also help out owners. One of the biggest advancements that we’ve made is the ability to microchip pets. This procedure is beneficial for a variety of reasons, yet we notice that not all pet owners take advantage of it. If you’ve been on the fence about microchipping your pet, here are a few reasons that you should strongly consider doing so.

Contains a Ton of Information

Microchips contain a ton of information! From your pet’s name to your contact information, getting your pet microchipped makes finding a lost pet all the easier. If you have a pet that gets out often or live in an open area where they could wander, microchips are a great means of keeping your pet safe. This chip will also tell the individual checking the microchip who the pet’s vet is so that they can get in contact with them.

No Pain, So Much Gain

Microchipping doesn’t hurt your pet at all! No anesthesia is necessary and your pet will be completely unaware to the chip once it’s been implanted. This means that you can gain  the benefits of security to finding your pet without having your pet uncomfortable to the process. What more could you ask for?

Remains In Place

Having tags with contact and vet information are a great way to provide information when your pet is lost. The downside to this method is that collars and tags can fall off. This instance is especially true for cats. When cats jump into trees, they can get their collar stuck on a branch and easily slip out, leaving their information right there on the tree. Microchips don’t have the chance to fall off since they are implants, making them a sure way of finding a pet.

Microchips are used by veterinarians, breeders, kennels, trainers, human societies, rescue organizations, stables, clinics, farms, pet stores and animal associations, so if your pet is lost and turned into any of the above individuals, they will automatically assume a chip has been implanted and make an effort to find the contact information of the owner. That is without a doubt the first step these individuals will take with a lost animal. If you have yet to get your pet microchipped, visit Countryside Animal Hospital today. Fort Collins had plenty of mountains that people take their pets hiking on and the town is bustling with cars, so being prepared for any situation in this town is a great idea, even if you never have to use it, which we hope you don’t. Call today to schedule a microchipping appointment with Dr. Speights today.