pup3In our last blog post we went over a few actions that happen to dogs that we should actually be avoiding. As pet owners, we inevitably want the best for our pet, so it’s a great thing to know what types of actions we should definitely be staying away from. This week we are going to cover a few more things that happen to our pets that we should stay away from.

Crating For The Wrong Reason

Tons of people use crates to train their pets, and we aren’t saying that they aren’t a great tool to use when training, but they definitely aren’t the go to for all situations. Unlike children, our pets don’t understand timeouts; we mean this in the sense that once they’ve been scolded and sent to their create, this place is now a place of punishment. When dogs bark, get jumpy or misbehave, and are sent to their crate, they lose any safe haven feeling they might have had.

Neglect Doggy Dental Care

Dental care is important, for both us and our pets. As it is a means of our ability to feed ourselves, having healthy teeth is a pretty important factor. For years, many people have shrugged off dental care for their pets, but that shouldn’t be the case anymore. Getting your pups teeth professionally brushed on a regular basis will help keep their teeth healthy which will allow for them to eat on their own, for a long period of time.

Loving our pet to our fullest ability is a possibility, so long as we make sure to avoid falling victim to these things, we can provide our pet with a happy and healthy life.