Whether they’re doing something hilarious, or are simply melting our hearts with cuteness, our pets always manage to create a picture perfect moment that we’d like to capture and keep forever. The downside of this is that one exciting thing – a new person, toy, treat, the like – pops up, and they’re distracted. If that’s not the case, they simply just won’t look at you when you’re finally ready to take the picture. As a resident of Fort Collins, you know how many great backdrops there are just walking down the street, so in order to make your next photo experience just a little easier, here a few quick tips.

Natural & Soft Light

A flash can be scary, especially for pets that are skirmish or nervous. Avoid a flash by taking that perfect shot of your pet in natural light or turning on lamps inside of your home. That way the image is clear, and your pet goes unaffected by the flash.

Bribe With Treats

While toys and people can be distracting, treats can totally be used as a bribe. When you place the treat close to the camera lens, you’re much more likely to get a your pet’s attention directed right at the camera.

Take Them For A Walk

Take your pet for a walk or play with them, before the shoot. This helps burn off energy before you want them to be sitting still. This tip is especially great for photo shoots with professional photographers.

The most important tip to getting a good picture of your pet is ensuring that they’re healthy. Make sure that you’re getting your pet’s into the vet on a routine basis so that they continue to provide you with those cute moments we all love.