sunpupAllergies are, unfortunately, a part of life; even our dogs suffer. If you’ve started to notice changes in your dog’s behavior, it may due to the allergens affecting your dog in the worst way possible. Luckily, with our animal hospital doing the research for you, you can hopefully get to the bottom of your dog’s allergies by reading a few short blogs. But first, catch up by reading our previous post about ear infections and runny eyes.

Signs Your Fluffy Friend May Have Allergies


Although a more severe form of an allergy, vomiting may be taking hold of your dog’s digestive system because of allergies. In this case, you will want to call Fort Collins’ leading animal hospital for advice on what to do about the vomiting. It could be your dog ate something which didn’t agree with them, or something poisonous. Get the help you need by calling us at 970-223-7789.


Yet another digestive issue. If your dog has been suffering from diarrhea for longer than a few days, be sure you give our veterinarian a call at 970-223-7789. Unfortunately, there are many different causes of diarrhea, some of which may be life-threatening. In the meantime, be sure your dog is drinking plenty of water to stay properly hydrated.

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Dogs can’t speak so you must be their voice. Get them the help they need if they’re sick with some of the worst allergy symptoms out there: Vomiting or diarrhea. Be sure you call us when you need us the most, or set up an appointment at our animal hospital in Fort Collins online now. Meanwhile, stay tuned for more great information in our next blog regarding common allergies: Don’t Let Your Dog Be Affected By Allergies This Season.

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