fleasFleas are pesky little guys that drive our pets insane. The matter gets worse when they’ve got a good fur coat to make a home in. This reality is one that cat owners are often worried about, especially if the cat is an outdoor cat. For cat owners that want to keep their cat free of fleas, flea treatments are an obvious answer, but it’s hard to agree to that when the chemical based flea treatments have been found, time and time again, to be harmless to your cat. Countryside Animal Hospital has broken down some of the natural flea treatments that have been said to keep fleas away. In this blog we hope to provide you with alternatives to chemical treatments.

One treatment that has been floating around lately is garlic. This natural treatment is actually more harmful to a cat than it is helpful. Another treatment said to help are essential oils, but this too, is more harmful than helpful. This is due to an enzyme that cats are missing that makes it impossible for their bodies to break down components in these two items.

So if this is the case, what types of natural solutions are there for keeping your cat free from fleas? One natural method that has been found successful thus far is a B-vitamin supplement that you can give to your cats. These vitamins are mixed with treats to keep them tasty for your pet, but they still provide the nutrients that keep your pet flea free. Now, if your home or backyard are susceptible to flea infestations, then there is still a chance that your cat could get fleas.

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