servicespicIf you have ever walked through the door of your home after being away from your dog for hours, you may understand the frustration of learning they’ve created some destructive behaviors. Sometimes these behaviors can be hard to break because your dog may have obtained some common destructive-causing behavioral issues, including separation anxiety, fabric sucking, hunger and teething. Here are some ways our animal hospital recommends you handle the destructive behaviors:

Proactive Ways You Can Encourage Your Dog To Better Their mountaindogDestructive Behaviors

Although our animal hospital has provided you with some of the best ways to encourage your dog to correct their destructive behaviors, it can be detrimental to the mental health of your dog to enforce these suggestions incorrectly. Here’s what NOT to do when correcting your dog’s destructive patterns:

clientformspicWhat NOT To Do

Do Not Yell at or Spank Your Dog After the Damage Has Been Done

Contrary to popular belief, yelling at or spanking your dog can cause your dog to not only fear you but to rebel even more. Yes, even if your dog is in the wrong and committed the crime; they won’t connect their bad behavior to your punishment, no matter if it was moments or hours earlier.

Do Not Hold Your Dog’s Mouth Shut

Yes, there are dog owners out there that will hold their dog’s mouth shut, and some even duct tape it closed with the chewed up object in their pup’s mouth. Not only is this inhumane, but it will teach your dog absolutely nothing, leaving you with a dog who is still acting out by chewing objects they shouldn’t. Sadly, some dogs have died from owners acting out this way towards them.

Do Not Tie the Chewed Object to Your Dog

Another inhumane way to treat your dog is to tie the chewed object to them; do not do this. Not only is this cruel, but it will again, teach your dog nothing about what they did wrong. If you know someone who is doing this, it’s crucial you report them to our local animal control authorities, Larimer County Humane Society.

Do Not Leave Your Dog in a Crate Unattended For Long Periods of Time

Unfortunately, there are dog owners out there who decide to leave their pup in a kennel for six or more hours is ok. Simply put, it’s not. Your dog needs love and affection and you can easily provide that to them by giving them a safe space. Whether you create a trust between you and your dog and let them roam about the house or you have a “doggie-room,” dogs should never be kept cooped up in a small area for lengthy periods of time. Why? It’ll cause your dog to act out even more than they already are and it’s inhumane.

Do Not Muzzle Your Dog In Order To Prevent Chewing

A muzzle won’t teach your dog any good behaviors except to not trust their master. If you want to fix your dog’s behavior and treat them with love, never use a muzzle to keep them from chewing items in and around your home.aboutuspic

Again, Use the Following Tips!

Correct Bad Behavior With Our Help

In order to make sure your dog is getting the behavioral corrections, they need to better their actions, be sure you read our previous blog posts. For more information, use our animal hospital in Fort Collins as a trusted resource. Our veterinarian can help you decide what mental and/or physical behaviors your dog is showing and why. Contact our animal hospital online today to get started correcting your pup’s behavior in a humane and ethical way!

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