Are you the owner of a dog who is too smart for their own good? Owning a dog that seems to know everything in life can be difficult. These dogs tend to get bored easily and can’t seem to have fun with normal activities dogs usually enjoy. Leisurely activities, such as going for a walk, playing fetch and chewing on a bone may not be as entertaining to your dog as you’d like, and for this reason, our animal hospital has created a list of intriguing dog toys in which your dog might actually want to play.

Brain Games To Outsmart Your Dog’s Intelligence

Buster Activity Mat

Does your dog love toys but can’t seem to keep enough attention on one of them long enough to get any pleasure out of it? If this sounds familiar, the Buster Activity Mat with 3 Activities for just $69.00 on Amazon may be the purchase you’ll want to consider. This toy will provide your pup with the mental stimulation they need to stay engaged and busy. There are three different mats which provide three distinct tasks. Each task is simple, yet engaging enough to keep your pup busy for longer than they are accustomed. The challenges the Buster Activity Mat maintains include using your dog’s ability to solve a puzzle. Simply hide your dog’s favorite treats inside the mats and watch them as they quickly use their nose to try and solve the puzzle. Can you say “entertainment?”


Odin Puzzle

More advanced than the popular toy, the Kong, the Odin Puzzle toy offers dogs of all sizes a fair chance at earning their favorite treat. This puzzle toy is made out of strong rubber and is two pieces. All you have to do is grab your pup’s attention, place their favorite treat inside one of the slots in the Odin Puzzle and close the puzzle pieces together. Now, sit back and relax while you watch your dog try to solve the puzzle to make their mouth-watering treat magically appear.


Treat Maze

There are more and more products releasing that captivate your dog’s mind and senses. All you need is a little bit of food and your dog’s attention; we’re sure it won’t be too hard. The Treat Maze is a UFO-shaped puzzle perfect for any dog. It’s designed to awaken your dog’s foraging skills. Doing so makes sure your dog receives both the mental and physical workout needed to be successful with the puzzle. The puzzle features bright colors and a couple of small holes for dog treats to release. A great feature this toy offers is the ability to increase the difficulty. Truly, this puzzle’s purpose is for dogs with different levels of intelligence and size.


IQ Treat Ball

There are many different ways you can measure your dog’s IQ levels, but you don’t need to before using this toy. The IQ Treat Ball is much different than other types of puzzle-treat toys you may know about, except this toy lets you, your dog’s lovely master and best friend, select the difficulty of the puzzle. Plus, you can choose how many treats you want to be released each time the problem is solved! Your dog can be entertained for hours upon hours, receiving a tasty reward each time.


Tornado Treat Puzzle Dog Toy

Want to keep your dog spinning with confusion? The Tornado Treat Puzzle Dog Toy is your best bet at doing so. With this interactive dog bowl full of twisting chambers, you can watch your dog claw, tumble and spin the toy to reveal the treats in each level. There are three levels, and on each level, there are four chambers for you to place treats. Choose to put the same treat in each, a treat in only a few or a few pieces of their dog food in all the chambers; it’s really up to you!


Kong Quest Wishbone Treat Dispensing Dog Toy

The Kong Quest is one of the most popular dog toys available. This dog toy dispenses treats and helps to keep your dog entertained for hours after you leave for work. Whether your dog gets bored easily or needs some extra stimulation throughout the day, this easy-to-understand dog toy is the perfect fit for any size dog. Plus, once the treats are gone, the toy can withstand the chewing your dog may pose on it.


Hide A Squirrel

Is your dog a maniac for squirrels? We don’t know why dogs love squirrels so much either. Maybe it’s because they tend to tease your dog and play brain games with them while high up in the tree above. Although considered mental stimulation, there are other ways! If your dog is one who loves to sit and bark at the squirrels in your yard, you may want to consider purchasing the Hide A Squirrel. This hide and seek plush puzzle game is one that is not only adorable, but fun! The squeaky critters are to be stuffed inside a “tree” only to be taken out by your pooch. It’s sure to entertain your dog for some time and, although it’s a less cardio-heavy form of entertainment, it provides that extra bit of brain stimulation your dog needs.


Seek-a-Treat Shuffle Bone

What dog doesn’t love treats? If your dog tends to outsmart you, you’ll want to give this mental exercise toy a shot. This toy is an ethical wood puzzle with 10 treat holes created to hide a small amount of your dog’s favorite treats. Although your dog won’t be running back and forth, their mind will be. It’s the perfect mental exercise your dog needs to keep them stimulated throughout the day while you’re away. Six disks that slide back and forth cover the 10 treat holes. If your dog pushes them the correct way, a treat will reward them!


Activity Flip Board

Just like humans, dogs need mental stimulation throughout the day. There are different types of mental stimulation your dog may enjoy, and the Activity Flip Board is one of them. This little puzzle’s design is for small dogs in mind. And, like many other brain games, the Flip Board is a difficult mind game that rewards your dog with a treat when they solve the puzzle. This game allows your pup to use their paws, tongues and whatever else to get the treat out from the puzzle. With your dog’s opposable-thumb-less paws in mind, it was created with a non-slip rubber rim to help keep the puzzle in place while your pooch solves it.



Although a little on the pricey side, the DogTwister features 10 hidden compartments that provide, you guessed it, treats as a reward! When your dog correctly moves the DogTwister, a compartment on the wheel will reveal a mouth-watering reward. What makes this toy one to consider is its ability to add difficulty. Your dog will feel challenged day-after-day when you give them the DogTwister as their form of daily entertainment.

Give Your Dog the World

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