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In our previous blog posts, we started giving readers reasons why their dog may be acting out. Acting out using destructive chewing behaviors can be damaging to your house and the relationship you have with your dog. Our veterinarian in Fort Collins is ready to provide you with the information needed to help your dog improve their behavior if they tend to feel anxious and stressed by using certain toys.

Toys To Buy a Dog With Behavioral Issues

Behavioral problems are something in which you must take note. Whether your dog is destructively chewing up your home because they are anxious or they have separation anxiety, the chewing must stop. Because our veterinarian wants the best home life for you and your dog, we’ve put together a list of some of the top toys which may ease anxiety and stress levels.

Rubber Kong

You’ve probably heard it time and time again; buy your dog a rubber Kong! Kongs are great toys that will last as your dog’s favorite toy for a long time. It doesn’t matter if your dog has the sharpest teeth, these toys are made to evade destruction. Plus, with nearly every Kong you purchase, you can entertain your dog by stuffing the Kong with different treats. Choose between cheese, peanut butter and many other mouth-watering flavors your dog will enjoy. Entertainment is easy when you have delicious food to use. Purchase different sizes of Kongs for your dog. Choose one that’s appropriate for them and place the treat inside! The hope is that your dog will play with the Kong even long after your dog eats the treat.

iFetch Ball Launcher

If your dog loves tennis balls, and we mean, LOVES tennis balls, you’ll want to consider making the pricey purchase of an iFetch Ball Launcher. This launcher sells for about $120.00 but is well worth the money. Whether you have an itsy bitsy dog or a dog that could pull Santa’s sleigh, this automatic ball launcher won’t disappoint. You can purchase either a mini or regular sized ball launcher to keep your dog running all day long. Sometimes all your dog needs is a little bit of entertainment and exercise. By purchasing and setting the iFetch Ball Launcher up in an open area of your home or outside, you can rest assured your dog will likely be playing all day long. Come home to a tired pup and read more about why so many other dog lovers recommend you purchase this innovative toy.

Sometimes all a dog needs is a little bit of entertainment and exercise while you’re away from home. Try out a rubber Kong and the iFetch Ball Launcher to learn if it will help ease your dog’s separation anxiety and stress. Our veterinarian is standing by to help you learn and provide suggestions as to what might help reduce your dog’s anxiety and stress levels while you’re away from home. Feel free to set up an appointment online today or to contact us to learn more!

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