Are you thinking of adding a dog to your family? With so many different breeds out there, you may be wondering what type of dog would be best for your family. Most likely, you’ll want a dog who is eager to please his family and can be house trained. Which dog breeds are considered the smartest in the canine kingdom?

Golden Retrievers

Not only are golden retrievers gorgeous, they are sweet, friendly, docile and smart. It’s easy to understand why they are such popular dog breeds in our country, and they can be trained to perform a variety of tasks. Often used as search and rescue dogs, seeing-eye dogs and hunting dogs, this breed makes the perfect addition to your family.

Labrador Retrievers

These friendly, outgoing dogs love nothing more than to please their family members. Not only do they love to play, but they have the sweetest dispositions. Often used as guide dogs and rescue dogs, these fun-loving canines will fit in with your family perfectly.

German Shepherds

Often used as police dogs or service dogs, it’s no surprise that this smart, confident breed made our list. Although not as affectionate as Labrador retrievers or golden retrievers, they are very loyal to their family members.


With their big, fluffy ears and furry little bodies, these dogs are adorable. Not only are these dogs cute, they’re also friendly, happy and easy to please. Your kids could train a papillon to perform all kinds of tricks.


Don’t be fooled by their goofy appearance; poodles are indeed very smart and active. The national dog of France, poodles can be trained for hunting, retrieving and tracking. Many families welcome poodles into their homes because they are hypoallergenic, which is a big plus.

Border Collies

Used for many years as sheep herding dogs, border collies are intelligent, athletic and affectionate. If you have unruly children, a border collie could be perfect for reigning your children in.

Shetland Sheepdogs

Another herding dog that would make an excellent addition to your family is the Shetland sheepdog. Similar to a collie but smaller, this dog breed enjoys learning new tricks as much as cuddling with their favorite people. Loyal to their families, they absolutely love playing with kids in the backyard.


Back in the day, Rottweilers had a bad reputation, which is truly unfortunate. People commonly believed that these dogs are aggressive when they are actually quite affectionate and loyal. Often trained as police dogs, service dogs and therapy dogs, Rottweilers make wonderful family dogs.

Doberman Pinschers

Known for their high intelligence, Doberman pinschers historically were trained as both war dogs and police dogs. Additionally, these dogs have high endurance levels and are fast runners.

Mixed Breeds

If you are looking for the perfect family dog, a plethora of different mixed-breed dogs are available at your local animal shelter. Mutts can make some of the best family dogs, so don’t forget to visit your local animal rescue organization.

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