At Countryside Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves on being the type of vet clinic in Fort Collins that makes your furry friend, if not love the vet, then at least be able to visit without extreme anxiety. The vet is a scary prospect for pets of all kinds, and if your dog starts whining, trembling, and crying when you take them into the clinic, it’s understandable why you dread your bi-annual vet visits more than your pet does. That being said, preventive veterinarian care is the number one way to keep your dog as healthy as possible, so it’s important that you bring them in for wellness exams regularly.

Why Compassion is Important in Veterinary Medicine

Your dog is your best friend and your family member, which we can completely relate to here at Countryside. We are pet owners and animal lovers ourselves, and we would hate to cause any harm to your pooch. We feel that most every veterinary clinic probably feels the same way, but not all are able to execute this principle through their work. When you have a lot of pets under your care, it makes sense why you might rush through certain processes, like intake. However, these can be the most traumatizing moments for dogs.

Imagine being taken from your home, put in a crate, driven to a location you aren’t familiar with, and being left there by your caretaker. You are surrounded by sounds, smells, and other animals that you don’t know. You would be confused and fearful. While this is an inherently scary experience, imagine how much easier it would be if the people at this new place touched and spoke to you gently, instead of grabbing you carelessly and briskly. At Countryside Animal Hospital, we do everything in our power to ensure that the vet isn’t a traumatizing experience for your dog so that they feel comfortable returning for their wellness exam time and time again.

At Countryside, we understand the importance of building a trusting relationship with your pet. We will take the time necessary to make them comfortable in your veterinary clinic because, first and foremost, our job is to do no harm. Even if we heal the medical issue your pet is facing, if they leave the veterinarian with emotional scars, there could be long-term consequences. They may become fearful of ever going to the vet to the point of aggression. In some cases, bad vet experiences can make pets even afraid of people in general. We would hate to cause any behavioral issues with your dog, so we approach our work with compassion and an understanding of what makes dogs tick.

How We Help Dogs Be Comfortable at the Vet

We take a number of steps to ensure that our vet clinic is comfortable for your dog.

  • Plenty of space: Dogs need plenty of space. When they feel closed in, they become anxious and that may turn to aggression. At Countryside Animal Hospital, we make sure that all of our animals have the space they need. On top of that, our clinic is located in a 1900s farmhouse, so it feels more like a home than a clinic.
  • Friendly staff: When you come to Countryside Animal Hospital, everyone your dog interacts with at our animal hospital is friendly and approachable to dogs and humans alike. You can trust us to greet your dog in such a way that they don’t feel threatened.
  • Calm and informed care: When we are giving your dog care, we make a point to handle them in a way that maintains trust. We will always be gentle and make sure your dog has the proper support they need to feel at ease.

We would love to help your dog live their healthiest life! Contact our veterinary clinic in Fort Collins for an appointment for your dog today.