Cats are amazing creatures. Whether you have a kitten getting into mischief around your home or a senior cat cuddled up to you at night, there is nothing quite like the love of a feline friend. At Countryside Animal Hospital, we love cats (our owner, Dr. Catharine Speights, is even nicknamed Cat!). This might seem obvious because we are a veterinary clinic, but unfortunately, not all vets feel the same way about our cat companions. Even vets who are quite fond of cats may not fully understand these enigmatic creatures. Most animals don’t love vet visits, but there are certain special considerations you must make for cats when it comes to vet appointments.

Challenges For Cat Vet Visits

There are certain reasons why cats get particularly stressed out when visiting their veterinarian.

  • Cats need the safety of their own space. If they are ever outside of their home environment, they feel very vulnerable and are fearful as a result.
  • Cats tend to be loners. Even if they are social, they prefer quieter environments, and can’t handle a lot of activity or noise.
  • Most cats don’t spend much time in their carriers and may be very afraid of them.
  • New smells, sights, and sounds can be overwhelming for cats.
  • Seeing other pets (particularly dogs) can be distressing for them.
  • Cats are naturally more anxious creatures, so all of the different experiences that come with vet visits are more likely to stress them out.

When a cat is stressed during a vet visit, it can make it more difficult to provide them with an excellent level of care. This is because as their anxiety increases, they may not communicate clear signs of their pain or symptoms because they are so overwhelmed. This is why it is so important to us at Countryside to accommodate cats as much as possible.

Cats Need Compassionate Veterinary Care

Despite how overwhelming the vet can be for cats, it’s imperative that they come to visit us twice a year for preventive care. Cats aren’t like humans; with a shorter lifespan, their health can change suddenly, and regular pet wellness exams are the best way to ensure your kitty friend stays as healthy as possible. It may be quite distressing for you to see your cat anxious about the vet, but ultimately, it is what is best for their health and wellbeing, which is your main concern. If you are worried about the impact of the stress of a vet’s visit on your cat, bring them into our vet clinic to receive the necessary compassionate care.

At Countryside Animal Hospital, we are committed to making you and your cat’s visit as comfortable as possible. While going to the vet will never feel like a visit to the spa for your feline friend, our unique understanding of cats’ needs and our love for these funny, fuzzy creatures ensure that we will take every step to make their visit go smoothly. If you are looking for a cat veterinarian in Fort Collins, contact us to schedule an appointment.